1 - Principle

The referral program is reserved for all clients of Phenix Care who wish to participate, having made at least once online purchase on the site www.shop.phenix-care.com, except for Affiliates, Resellers, and Distributors. The offer is limited to one referral account per individual and legal entity. The Referral may referral as many new clients as he/she wishes, but may not referral himself or herself or his/her spouse. The referred client must be a person that has never been on the Phenix Care "Clients" database.

2. Modality

To participate, the customer must inform the referral code (the e-mail address registered on the customer account www.shop.phenix-care.com, or the code that will be attributed, or a tracked link) to the persons of his choice. This operation is accessible to "Referral" in the customer interface.

Any Referred Client who places the first order for a minimum amount of 50 € TTC on the site www.shop.phenix-care.com using a referral code or e-mail, will be considered as being the Referral of this customer, provided to fulfill the conditions of these regulations and the complete acceptance of this contract by the Referral.

To use a Referral Code, the Referred Client must enter it in the field provided for this purpose when registering personal details, or click on the referral link provided by the Referral to receive a discount code by e-mail. Phenix Care reserves the right to validate or not any referral.

3. Discount voucher

Referred Client: after registration on the www.shop.phenix-care.com website, the Referred Client receives a discount voucher of 10€ valid for 30 days by e-mail. For the first order, any Referred Client may use the voucher if the amount of the order is over 50€ included VAT, and excluded delivery costs. To take advantage of this, only indicate the discount code received by e-mail in the box reserved for this purpose. This voucher can't be used as a coupon with other promotional offers.

Referral: the Referral will benefit from the first order for each of the Referred Client from 5 reward points valid for 30 days, i.e. 5€ tax included (1 point = 1€). All points can be accumulated and converted into a voucher, within limits of the validity, and used on the www.shop.phenix-care.com website. Once the voucher is activated, it will be valid for a period of 30 days. The voucher cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

4. Conditions

Only one Referred Client may be designated within the same household (same name, same address). The Referred Client must have a different billing address and the delivery address from that of the Referral or other Referred Clients. Only one order per Referred Client will be taken into account for the allocation of the Referral.

At each registration and the first order of a Referred Client, the Referral will receive an automatic information e-mail from Phenix Care. Phenix Care reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information provided by the participants. The participants in this operation (Referral and Referred Client) must authorize all verifications concerning the validity of their patronage. If after verification, there are still contentious elements, the validation may be refused. In case of abuse, or following any false declaration, the accounts of the users concerned will be closed. If an order from a Referred Client is canceled, the "reward" points received by the Referral will be automatically canceled and debited from their account. 

5. Complaints

The vouchers cannot be exchanged or paid out in cash. No claim, no recourse relating to these gifts, vouchers, coupons, or their attribution can be addressed to Phenix Care. 

6. Modifications and Interruption

Phenix Care reserves the right to interrupt, shorten, extend, and modify freely without notice of any referral reward program. The rights of the Referral for the referral reward in progress at the time of the interruption of this operation will nevertheless be preserved. The duration of the referral reward program, the number of gifts, vouchers, coupons, and other rewards put in place may be modified without notice. The minimum order corresponding to these elements may also be modified under the same conditions defined beforehand.

7. Liability

The responsibility of Phenix Care can under no circumstances be engaged because of the cancellation or the non-acceptance of sponsorship for any reason whatsoever.

8. Personal data

By the French Data Protection Act of 06/01/78, the Referral and the Referred Client have the right to access and rectify any personal data that may have been transmitted, directly to their customer account or by writing to the following address: Phenix Care - 2 rue Jean-Baptiste Marty - 94220 Charenton-le-Pont - France.