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Bactericidal Mask Case Made In Korea - SAFELEAN - Kill 99,9% of bacteria


Sterilize your disposable masks in 3 hours by simply placing it inside the case for longer use of your masks.

The case will allow you to 99.9% disinfect any object (mobile phone, keys, coins, tickets, pens ...) or to keep your masks in your bag or in your pocket, protected from germs, thanks to to a patented process based on micro-copper with antibacterial action tested by the international certifier SGS.

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SAFELEAN Antibacterial Mask Case

For the sterilization in 3 hours of your disposable or fabric masks, or any other object - A new patented Korean technology

  • Micro-copper integrated into the material with antibacterial action (copper has the property of destroying viruses quickly and irreversibly).
  • Deodorizes your masks.
  • Patented technology since 2017, originally used in the form of a sterilization sheet to improve hygiene in hospitals, daycares, schools, building materials, kitchen utensils ...
  • Certified by the international testing laboratory SGS (Switzerland) for 99.9% sterilization against e. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococci, fungi
  • SGS N ° AYHA17-10049 - SGS N ° AYHA17-10050. To check the conformity of the certificate CLICK HERE.
  • Recommended use for optimal efficiency: 3 months after first use.
  • Size : 220 X 120 X 1mm
  • Origin: Korea
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